Best Buy’s Houston Warehouse Hunt; Sunrun Comes To Town; Is That Your Mermaid House Floating in the Gulf?

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  • Re: Sam Houston Statue in Hermann Park

    Of course. I’d vote to demolish it. Can’t wait for HISD to spend countless of millions of dollars rehanging the school brandings.

  • I-45 Expansion – People are still trying to build right in the path of this project. Look at Lovett homes trying to start the development of 45 homes right in the path of the property. If this Search homeless service center actually did anything to curb the homeless in the area, i might try to keep it, but predictably, all this company has done is increase the homeless population in the skid row areas around the site.

  • How can people escape ridiculous City of Houston by fleeing to Katy if the CoH can just annex Katy after the middle class flees? Good for Texas Senate.

  • If we’re going to negate confederate history then it’s time to face the fact that after 150 years you are no longer a victim of it……

  • Where, exactly is the intersection of Sam Houston and “confederate history”?

    March 16, 1861 — Sam Houston refuses to take the oath of the confederacy:

    “Fellow citizens, in the name of your rights and liberties, which I believe have been trampled upon, I refuse to take this oath. In the name of the nationality of Texas, which has been betrayed by the Convention, I refuse to take this oath. In the name of the Constitution of Texas, I refuse to take this oath. In the name of my own conscience and manhood, which this Convention would degrade by dragging me before it, to pander to the malice of my enemies … I refuse to take this oath.”

  • does anyone ever read the news? that whole story about a group wanting to remove the sam houston statue was fake. you guys and this texas senator are getting all upset about a fake story. is it really this easy to troll you?

  • Gawd, I sure hope folks know the removal story was fake — the false alarm warning that the Sam Houston statue would be removed just as other monuments in honor of the confederacy were being taken down in New Orleans and Orlando.

    Of course, therein lies the delicious irony of a group of gun wielding, confederate flag waiving ‘patriots’ descending on Herman Park to protect the statue of a man unwilling to swear his allegiance to the confederacy.

  • Diaspora, I didn’t see any NRA signs or Confederate flags while I stood on the sidelines. I showed up to see what would happen and nothing hateful was there. Did you see or hear something?

  • @ J: you may not have seen any Confederate flags, but that’s only because you didn’t notice—

    And NRA signs would be sorta superfluous when you’re carrying semi-automatic rifles. As Diaspora rightly said: “gun wielding.”

  • There apparently was one person with a small confederate flag that showed up (chron of course led with this as the story line and its front picture). The cultural marxists are coming for the american identity and want to crush it. Its time to stop playing nice and stomp out leftism.

  • the only people who are threatening “the american identity” are the kinds of people whose proposed remedy to different ideas is to “stomp” them out.