Boardwalk, Convention Center Dreams for Katy; Clearing Out the Almeda Plaza House of Bees

Cockrell Butterfly Center

Photo of the Cockrell Butterfly Center: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • WOO! MOD PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In the 1980s The Woodlands had the unfortunate statistic of being the Houston suburb with the highest suicide rate. back then the bottom falling out of the market price of crude coupled with recession, bankruptcies, and unemployment on top of many Woodlands residents being financially overextended made for the perfect storm.

    Now more luxury homes coming to a new development for the area, without much confidence that there’s really enough of a market demand for real estate in that price bracket, hmmm. Is the sound I hear that of a balloon being inflated?

  • The sign of more luxury homes coming to the woodlands is a sign that economy is not that bad, the builder and the bank have to do their research and due diligence before putting up a whole new neighborhood of them. It’s a sign that people who complain about bad economy are the ones that were not successful when times were good. It’s a sign that Occupy Wallstreet lunatics and the liberal left fringe are simply wrong and simply lazy.

  • It’s awesome that Phil Collins is giving his amazing collection to Texas. Hopefully all the Committe work on Alamo Plaza will turn it into something we can all be proud of, instead of the disrespectful circus it is currently–thanks, Phil, you rock!

  • I agree 100% with CommonSense on this one. Buck Toof you honestly have no clue what you are typing. A region’s economy can change…it does happen.

  • Phil Collins, that su-su-suuuperb!
    I can see it…. coming to the Alamo tonight. I’m sure that the memorabilia was calling for him to take me home. We’ve seen Phil’s true colors.

  • The Woodlands is the most successful developement in Texas, maybe the Nation. It will do fine, no need to get all worked up.