Broadstone Apartment Influx; Clear Lake’s 33-Year-Old Turtle Club To Shut Down


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  • As someone who lives in a former Broadstone complex (now Ashton West Dallas) – I have no idea how Alliance will ever lease all of these buildings without massive concessions. Ashton is directly across the street from one (Tinsley Park) and less than a mile from another (Skyline), and is already less than 90% occupied with massive turnover only three years after completion of construction (when we initially moved in). The units are actually quite nice (management is another story), but as a single entity how exactly do you lease 600+ Class A apartments right next to one another, not to mention going up against the thousands of other Class A units coming on the market at the same time within 1-2 miles (Downtown, Midtown, Montrose, River Oaks-adjacent) and the thousands more 2-3 year old Class A units in building like mine?

  • “The Number of Homeless People in Texas Fell 42% from 2007 to 2016 ”

    Sure it did. Uh-huh. wink wink

  • The 300 plus homeless appear to have been moved from under the 59 and San Jacinto underpass to the Main Street Sears parking lot. Have they been counted?



  • Re: Alleged Homelesness Drop
    Add me to the chorus of non-believers. The homeless are everywhere: Sears parking lot near San Jacinto, downtown, near Reliant, and I’m sure there are other spots in town. If anything, there seems to be MORE of them than before. And, they aren’t shy about being visible.

  • @Heightsite

    Apparently not … perhaps they didn’t leave a forwarding address

  • Maybe they stopped counting them as homeless if they stopped actively looking for a home? It worked for unemployment numbers!

  • ” I have no idea how Alliance will ever lease all of these buildings without massive concessions”

    It dont matter. They used the OPM strategy and fee’d the fine folks that put up the money. The apartment guys stop building, when the equity runs out. Not when it stops making sense to build apartments.

  • “the number of homeless people in TEXAS dropped yada yaday”



    The plural of “anecdote” is not “data”