Building for Baby Boomers; Revamping the Briar Club in Upper Kirby


Photo of Dunlavy H-E-B.: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • It’s confusing to have two distinct areas of Houston claiming to be Westwood. One of them needs to change its name, or else I’ll need to start referring to them as “West Westwood” and “East Westwood.”

  • It’s great that the city wants to make parking easier but if I’m reading the article right we will also be told if a lot is safe or not.

  • Lawsuit, abandoned building: Certainly this kind of suit must have been attempted before. The country is filled with abandoned buildings where multitudes of crimes are committed. What is special about this Houston case?

  • If you can’t find a place to park in downtown Houston past 6 pm then you’re a F’n retard. Sorry.

  • Wonder what the precedent is on the apartment complex. Kind of reminds me of the old “Crackhouse laws” that they used back in the day to go after property owners.

  • Re: City’s Easier to Park Downtown Plan
    So, the City is going to use a $3.2 million federal grant to improve air quality on a plan to make it easier for motorists to find parking spots? Sounds like a Rube Goldberg scheme if not completely absurd logic.
    Here’s an easier way to do it: buy a parking lot for $500,000 and make it free to motorists. Repeat 6 times. Have $200,000 left over. Pro-tip to the City: If you spend less than $500,000 for each lot, you can buy more lots.

  • To be fair, I’ve never used, looked for or even considered using a parking garage to park downtown at night. I can easily park downtown, but am clueless which garages have decent pricing for night users.
    Most notably, nowhere did it mention telling drivers about pricing before directing them to said garages.

  • @Major Market, I’m on real estate tycoon but my guess is that $3.2 mill will get you about 14.5 parking spaces downtown.

  • Air quality in Houston is poor because we are driving around looking for a parking space? Really? The serious ways to improve air quality in Houston are to 1) pass California emission standards for all vehicles, and 2) install traffic light road sensors at intersections. I can’t believe how long we sit at intersections with no one moving.

  • kb – california emission standards do nothing but prop up small smog check shops which pump even more money out of citizens pockets and into govt coffers. trust me its nothing more than yet another form of taxation that does nothing but give incompetent people more power…

  • What percentage of vehicles don’t comply with california emissions standards already? Is it really typical for manufacturers to retrofit only vehicles sold in CA or aren’t most all vehicles already sold as CA compliant?
    Besides, it’s not necessarily passenger cars I’m worried about. It’s all the heavy diesel and 2-stroke engines widely used around town that never have to meet any standards that concern me.

  • I wish all of the people who want Houston to be more like California or New York would go back to California or New York. If they liked it so much, why did they leave?
    Born Here

  • dont worry about that joel – those types of vehicles get taxed additionally – any vehicle with an open bed – ie pickup or el camino gets taxed on its weight – additionally newer cars pay a higher vehicle registration fee based on their value which is why you see so many old cars driving around in california that were built like true honest to god motor vehicles. plus theres about a dollar added to every gallon of gas at the pump that goes straight to sacramento. thats just the scratch of the surface called the “california tax” you pay a shit load more to live there because thats where you want to be. dont even get me started on california real estate comparisons and school funding – talk to anyone in california who cares about their kids public schooling and theyll tell you how much better off it is in the great state of texas – which happens to be much more affordable to live in…..