Bush Memorial at City Hall; Houston Police Union Sues City, Firefighter Union over Prop B; Houston Homeowners Among Youngest in Nation

Photo of River Oaks District: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • May God bless George H W Bush …. or nation’s last, great, Republican president.

  • Screw Bush. He and Reagan before him, ignored the pleas of the LGBT community during the AIDS crisis. “Last best republican president” my foot. Us Americans sure love memorializing truly awful people.

  • I didn’t say “best”, Ed ….

  • So much for tolerance…

  • Ed’s prototypical for the tolerant left. Fortunately he’ll get to live with the knowledge that 41’s legacy will live on as a lifelong public servant and statesman as gracious in defeat as he was in victory while Ed, well no one will remember Ed.

  • yuck Long Island Iced Tea. That drink shouldn’t even be legally served; nobody can metabolize it in an hour’s time.

  • I will always respect George H.W. Bush for, among other things, volunteering to serve our country as a very young man during WWII.

  • Right. Also, be sure and not give credit to his son (43) who funded billions of dollars to various agencies for AIDS relief in Africa.

  • Candidly here Ed, what do/did you think the POTUS could do help the Aids crisis? How did he ignore them?

  • Candidly here, bocepus, Reagan and Bush ignored PWA’s by ignoring them. Seems pretty self-explanatory.
    I’m not going to be your tutor nor your unpaid research assistant. If you’re sincere about having those questions answered, look up when HIV/AIDS became the #1 killer of US men under 40. Or how many died before Reagan first uttered the word AIDS (here’s a hint: it was after Rock Hudson died).
    You can also check into the history of ACT-UP (“Silence =Death”), AMFAR, and the activism of ordinary people, and celebrities (especially Elizabeth Taylor), and how it was the political and social pressure that finally forced the Republican leadership to acknowledge that we had an epidemic. Only then was research supported that lead to the development of life-saving treatments.
    Apparently you’re new to this. Those of us who have been forced to pay attention since the days of “gay cancer” and GRID have had plenty of time to observe the indifference and neglect of the Republican leaders. And our memories are not faulty.

  • Def not new to asking questions about things I dont fully understand. Kind of one of the nice things about this place.

    “AIDS became the leading cause of death among men from 25 to 44 in 1992. It remains fourth among women, behind cancer, unintentional injuries and heart disease, but is expected to replace heart disease and to rise to second place for women in the next few years, Dr. Jaffe said. It surpassed homicide and suicide among women in 1992.”

    I would have thought it would have been before 1992, you know when Clinton was elected POTUS.

  • bocepus: Thanks for taking my remarks in the spirit in which they were intended. I, too, hope always to be open to learning new things, and revising my opinions.
    I’m curious about this remark: “I would have thought it would have been before 1992, you know when Clinton was elected POTUS.”
    It’s true that Clinton was elected in 1992; however, he did not take office until January of ’93. Also, it can take anywhere between a few months to several years before the HIV virus develops into AIDS. Bush 41 deserves credit for signing the Ryan White Act into law in 1990, albeit under considerable pressure to do so.
    More importantly, it was the One Hundred First United States Congress that introduced this bill. Both Houses were controlled by the Democrats. Surprise, surprise.

  • Mary Fisher “Whisper of AIDS” Speech 1992 – Mary’s moving speech from the 1992 Republican National Convention