Buyers Can Name Their Price on 100-Year-Old Museum District Home; ExxonMobil Hit with Climate-Change Lawsuit; The Case for Saving 1621 Milam

Photo of West 18th St., Houston Heights: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • How can that midtown tower have a street address number of 2850 Main? It’s on the odd-numbered side of Main. 2850 Fannin, perhaps, but not Main.

  • @GoolgleMaster
    You’re right; it can’t. The correct address is 2850 Fannin for the Caydon tower.
    The article also misstates “Elsewhere in Midtown, other high-rise housing has been announced and started, including a 29-story tower, also on the Metro rail line, at 3300 Fannin, developed by PMRG and AECOM Capital.”
    The correct address there is 3300 Main.