Capitol Tower Adds Tenant; Benjy’s on Washington To Rebrand; Breaking Down Harvey Relief Funding

Photo of Highway 90: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Do you really need 20% for a conventional loan? You just end up paying a little extra till you meet your 20%.

  • Yes, the Capitol Tower will have views of the “skyline”. As in views of the sides of taller, more attractive buildings. It’s too short in stature and hemmed in to have outstanding views. This building is dull and uninspired in design. No one will even notice it. Not a great addition to the Skyline. Can’t wait for Hines to design and build a new office building.

  • Re: private prisons. Gross! Maybe the have to make population quotas in order for then to receive funding. ICE can’t do it by themselves? Then they should forget about it. I’m Pro-Immigrant, btw

  • That ICE story is appalling.

  • HEB: I’m “pro immigrant” too. Most people are. So lets double the amount of legal immigration we let in (or more, if needed) so that those immigrating can be legal and have better opportunities. Would you favor cracking down on ILLEGAL immigration if it meant allowing more LEGAL immigration? What about a policy where by you let two people in legally for every one you remove that’s here illegally? I’d support that.

  • @mr clean

    Find a broker that will let you do a portfolio loan. Let’s say you have cash for 5 percent down. You get a loan for 80 percent and another loan for 15 percent of the house. The 80 percent will be a market rates. The 15 percent will be a couple percentage points above market rate.

    You don’t have to pay mortgage insurance that way. The slightly higher interest rate on that 15 percent will be lower than paying mortgage insurance premiums.

    You get to deduct interest from your taxes and can’t deduct mortgage insurance. That’s another bonus.