Courtyard on St. James Place Replacement Adds Anchor Tenant; METRO Now Hiring


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  • Re: Grilled Cheese restaurant wants to open as many as 20 Houston locations
    If there was a way to short this concept, I’d gladly do this. Seriously, can this market really support 20 grilled-cheese sandwich shops? I make my grilled-cheese sandwiches at home – and don’t need an audience to watch me.

  • In some places (like Phoenix) they use rubberized asphalt on freeways, and I can attest it is very, very quiet. Presumably not usable in this climate, and it would be extremely expensive to retrofit existing concrete pavement.

  • They put asphalt down on 59 and it’s significantly quieter. I always assumed though that asphalt vs. concrete was a cost/benefit decision, i.e. asphalt is cheap but doesn’t last long, concrete is expensive but lasts much longer.
    Phoenix is also hotter than Houston, so I’d be surprised if climate was a reason.