Daily Demolition Report: Three Buildings That Will Go Down in History

Postcard of Hotel Cotton, Now the Montagu Hotel, Downtown HoustonWhat a way to make up for yesterday! Finally, demolition permits are issued for more than a dozen addresses within the almost-full-block at Main and Rusk being offed to make way for Hines’s MainPlace downtown — including the historic 1912 Beatty-West Building, the 1940 former Bond Clothes store, and the 11-story Montagu Hotel, originally the 1913 Hotel Cotton. Plus: Way, way down Main St., the Droubi’s railroad car at Kirby Dr. finally leaves the station.

Our list of colorful names and addresses of stores-no-more, as usual, begin after the jump.


Update: The Montagu Hotel will be imploded Sunday, January 20th.

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Hotel Cotton postcard: arch-ive.org