Downtown Apartment Tower Go-Ahead; The Bird in the Bayou; Shipping Container Self-Storage in Pearland

Photo of Lake Livingston: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I wonder if innovators would accede to being shepherded (or penned) into districts specially created for them by their elders. Depends on the incentives maybe, but details are sparse. I think innovators would prefer to find a district on their own and let it develop organically. But that sort of thing is anathema to central planners.

  • I would make the case that if you want Houston to be more like San Francisco then you should just move to San Francisco.

  • Someone should mention to this guy that Houston already has two of the largest innovation hubs in the entire US.
    They’re called the Medical Center & the Energy Corridor.

  • I am not sure whether downtown Houston will ever be an innovation hub, but it is worth it to do some forward thinking about what Houston will look like in a world that may rely less and less on fossil fuels in the future. Pittsburgh was very proactive at pursuing tech, medicine and banking when it became clear that the days of big steel were numbered. Detroit sat on its hands as the Big 3 automakers fell apart and sent jobs around the world. Investments in the Houston Med Center paid off in a big way for Houston that helped us weather the most recent oil bust far better than the busts of the 80s and 90s. And even if the energy industry keeps on rolling, the big oil companies are all moving towards suburban corporate campuses and are leaving lots of sq ft in downtown. Maybe it is time to reinvent downtown to attract non-energy sector employers.