Downtown DoubleTree Trades Hands; What’s Replacing Tal’s Hill


Photo of Aris at Market Square: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Lol, Theresa Roemer won’t be able to sell that botched abortion of a house for more than $3.5 million ever. She needs to be reminded that fake purses and fake jewelry do not increase real estate values.

  • I feel like the Astros missed the boat going with Shake Shack? Why not Whataburger?

  • Whataburger is too parochial. Shake Shack is Northeast-centric, and fans from those areas pay big premiums to see their beloved Yankees-Mets-Red Sox etc play at Minute Maid. Dynamic pricing, you know.

  • Does anyone besides me think a trend has run its coarse when Chic Fil a starts making food trucks? I’m sure it will try to look hip and funky. It should be put off in the corner from all of the real food trucks like an elementary school playground.

  • I think a chik fil a food truck is an excellent marketing idea. Very low cost for them. Probably a home run wherever they drive it.

  • So J, what is the pecking order for food trucks, anyway? Is it published somewhere?

  • I with Brian on this. Would love to see What-A-Burger at Minute Maid. Might be able to get some decent food at last.

  • Barks, the pecking order is naturally what I like followed by what I don’t.