Energy Corridor Leads in Empty Sublease Space; Meet Metro’s Social Media Team


Photo: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Yeah baby! Not just #1, but #2 and #3.

  • Funny that the article about the Broadmead states it is near the Astrodome, when it is in fact much closer to NRG Stadium. An argument to keep the Astrodome, because it is the landmark everyone knows.
    Reading reviews, it appears the Broadmead would benefit from stable management, and an on-site security team. Nice location, and great oak trees.

  • As someone mentioned earlier, the oyster industry shot itself in the foot by publicizing that Gulf oysters are really refinery runoff ditch oysters.

    Toxic Tour of East Side, how appropriate and satisfying.

    I can understand what Gaslamp was trying to do, after all, a lot of people choose a club on what type of people frequent it, but they got too cocky, should have stuck to the old and true subtle ways, dress code, poor service to people you don’t want to come back, VIP shenanigans, etc.

  • TIL there was a full-service gas station on Galveston Island.

  • Metro’s social media team? A study in useless excuse makers who accomplish nothing, hardly meriting an article even a puff piece. Dealing with thousands of complaints daily while make no effort at all to improve service, the happy smiling face they put on to cover up the very evident failures with Houston’s mass transit system.

  • Does anyone besides me want to beat that stupid Metro train mascot with a baseball bat?