Expanding the River Oaks Shopping Center; A Website Just for Tracking Pothole Progress


Photo of the Med Center: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • If the city wants wider lanes on Yale, they should convert it to three lanes, like Studewood, then add a couple feet of grass between the sidewalk and the road. With the multifamily development already underway, and the upcoming retail development, this would make for a more pleasant pedestrian experience.

  • RE: Heights Yale Green Corridor… do not widen Yale!!! Never ever!!! Since they added the I10 access road west of Yale this street has been nothing short of a speedway. Making it wider would only encourage people to go faster.

  • I think the plans to widen yale are dead. The current effort to protect the trees is due to the surge in redevelopment along Yale St. Developers like to take out the trees during construction and replace them with much smaller “mitigation” trees.

  • Is there a petition to ignore the petition against the LED lights? I’d bet there’d be more signatures on that. Environmentally more friendly, brighter for nighttime visibility. Overall it’s a better solution than other bulbs.
    They could have done with going to a warmer color though, something in the 2500k spectrum, rather than where they appear to be now, which is probably about 3000k.