Houston’s Most Nostalgic Demolished Buildings; Second Downtown SkyHouse Debuts


Photo: Ruben S. via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • That’s a pretty sanitized version of Sugar Land’s history. No mention of slave and prison labor.

  • Re: Almost Everyone the Fed Questioned Had Terrible Things To Say About Houston’s Economy
    The Business Insider is a liberal rag. They are doing it on purpose, this is all by design. The Obama admin (the Fed)/Dems/anti-Houston interests have been working in concert manipulating and orchestrating the oil industry to DESTROY the Houston economy. So far, they have caused the price to decline and given all that increase to Obama’s cousins in the middle east (the 150B…the 1.7B in ransom, etc…). Also, if they can sink the Houston and thereby Texas economies, they will send in, prop-up and try to elect Dems to come in and “save the day” from the Reps who have now “ruined” Texas. It’s the ONLY way they can win: deceipt/corruption…it’s all they know. They are also trying to slow Houston down before it eclipses Chicago (Obama’s hometown). The problem they’re having is that Houston has other powerhouse economic sectors humming along keeping it afloat, and has grown so much since the 80’s, even their sucker punch won’t kill it. But all bets are off if the wicked witch gets in…she will finish Houston and Texas off, and won’t help unless Dems are elected with all their toxic policies, which in effect are deadly and detrimental in and of themselves. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely. The best hope for Houston and Texas, indeed America, is Trump. Otherwise, it’s lights out.

  • ohhhh pleassseeee
    get a life

  • Oh Houston Chronicle…just when I thought you couldn’t possibly get any worse, out comes a paid fluff piece/obnoxious “slide show” about….ghosts and spaghetti…

  • When I read Honest Truth’s comment, I heard a Trump-esque sniffle between every phrase. I think even the most determined right winger would have to admit that OPEC flooding the market with oil eclipses anything that happened in Washington DC as far as being to blame for Houston’s current economic situation. I do agree that a doom and gloom forecast for Houston is short sighted at best. Just sitting in an office in Dallas looking at statistics would give you the impression that Houston was a few months away from being a modern day Gary, Indiana. But Houston’s growth from 2010-15 was so staggering that any softening looks horrific by comparison. But the reality is that Houston has gone from off the charts growth to a very moderate slowdown. But OPEC has played its hand and an energy rebound is finally within sight. Even Crooked Hillary will not be able to keep Houston from rebounding over the next few years.

  • Yeah, nobody cares about Houston’s fate at a city THAT MUCH except Houstonians. The Saudis certainly don’t. HRC is also pretty hawkish about the Middle East and actually (privately) doesn’t seem to give a damn about oil pipelines, so you might be surprised about what happens with oil prices as well as downstream activity as she gets a chance to implement policy. I really think you underestimate how duplicitous she’s been.

  • With that conspiracy theory, I think honest truth may be a member of Donald Trump’s immediate family

  • Dude, put down the crack pipe. If global commodity prices could be that easily manipulated, Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt would be the richest men in America.

  • Well, well, someone certainly put on their tin foil hat this morning! Locally, it seems to real estate market is humming along and nationally the stock market is certainly doing well.

  • The Skyhouse is tired and ugly looking. Cookie cutter design, same as the other Houston Skyhouses. Why not hire an architect to actually design something! Cheap..

  • Note to Future-self: Skip over Honest Truth’s comments from here on out.

  • We discovered a second Saudi Arabia’s worth of oil. Prices went down. No conspiracy.

  • “Almost Everyone the Fed Questioned Had Terrible Things To Say About Houston’s Economy [Business Insider]”

    Tell that to the multifamily market. Apt buildings keep increasing in value. At a pace that *FAR* exceeds rental growth. In Montrose, pricing per door doubled, while rent went up 20-30%. Elsewhere pricing went up 50% or more while rent went up 10% or so.
    So if the market is tanking, it’s not being reflected in multifamily asset prices.