Final Arguments for and Against Building the Ashby Highrise; Shake Shack Wants To Shack Up With Houston

avis frank gallery

Photo of Avis Frank Gallery at 1606 White Oak Dr.: Ruben S. via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • It really is an idiotic place to put a high-rise, but anyone in that neighborhood has to appreciate that money talks. Even stupid money.

  • The woman who won’t sell her house is an idiot. They’re offering well above what you’d get for the house. Money that you could buy ANOTHER house with. Her house will eventually be worth diddly squat. Cash in now.
    And what’s wrong with a company trying to buy out houses around a plant anyway? The idea that there is something wrong with that seems to be stupidly critical. I slant left on just about everything, but this woman is only upset b/c she’s not going to get rich from this. She comes across as a bitter old cuss.

  • I’d venture to say most of those pedestrian fatalities are “undocumented ‘Americans’*” or other oppressed people darting across 8 lanes of freeway.

  • Money indeed talks. When a group of homeowners attempted to stop Hines from building his hirise on San Felipe, they also asked for a temporary restraining order pending trial. Hines is continuing construction. So I guess who has the most money talks the loudest. And is the one a judge listens to. Sometimes it’s the developer. Sometimes it’s the homeowners. In the case of Ashby, obviously it’s the homeowners They said they would harass everyone connected with the project. And are doing just that. And using a court to do it.

  • How long are the Galveston “leaders” going to drag their feet on the Seawall restrooms? Wasn’t that a promise when they were trying to sell the public on the parking plan? Where has all of the $$ gone so far?