Finn Hall Sets Opening Date; Hermann Park Marquis Lofts Sold, Rebranded as Broadstone; Getting To Know Incoming Judge Lina Hidalgo

Photo of East Downtown: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I was really trying to have an open mind about Lina Hidalgo but when asked in the interview who she looks up to most both personally and professionally, her answer was Sheila Jackson Lee. Wha?????? That’s a joke right? PLEASE tell me she was joking. Dang, you know she’s not joking.

  • Haha, SJL is just a misunderstood public servant with no real history of political scandals… s/

  • Live by the straight ticket sword, die by the straight ticket sword.

  • Straight ticket voting will no longer be allowed in 2020 thanks to a bill Abbott signed during the 2017 legislature. it is a bit ironic because Dems back in the early 2000s would complain about straight ticket voting as various well liked Democrat judges and other down ballot officials would get swept out during the W Bush presidential election years.

  • Where’s Ed?

  • Mr.Clean19

    Well, except for that little “who funded this trip” question. Oh, and the Kavanaugh “mystery envelope” thing. Perhaps not any serious scandals but some serious lack of judgement issues.

    But SJL is who you most look up to personally and professionally? Seriously? Good grief.

  • Am I the only that hates voting?
    Always reminds me how gerrymandered and f’ed up the districts are. That and how nice it must be to live in an actual democracy.