First Look at The Groves; Parking in the Lamar Street Bike Lane; Astrodome Living

Construction of The Dunlavy, Buffalo Bayou Park, North Montrose, Houston

Photo of The Dunlavy, under construction at 3501 Allen Pkwy.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I would immediately ticket and tow parked cars in the bike lane – isn’t it obvious it’s a special lane even without the “No Parking” signs? Use your Fn heads!

  • Hey, maybe those parking on Lamar are from California? Out there a green painted curb means short term parking or unloading.

  • I think the article should be “Bike lane inconveniently placed in front of Four Seasons”

  • This whole green bike lane is brand new to Houston and will probably go through the same adjustment period as did the light rail. Remember all those toy train vs. car accidents, dozens in a few months. I expect people to park and drive in the lane, and yes, teabag a bicyclist or two in the process for months if not years to come.

  • @commonsense .. this requires no learning curve, just awareness and common sense .. no excuses..

  • commonsense, anyone who had what your name describes doesn’t need an ‘adjustment period’. Trains and their paths are clearly marked, and bicycle lanes are clearly marked. How much common sense is needed to pay attention to ones surroundings and make the necessary adjustments? Especially after the construction barrels have been there for months.
    Doesn’t all the signage, rubber armadillos and fluorescent green paint give away what’s going on, or maybe am I just not an understanding and tolerant human being?
    I think though that I just give human beings too much credit. Wasn’t it 3 cars that drove into a wet cement construction area that was clearly marked on Kirby and 59?
    I think though that this state is far too lenient at giving out drivers licenses. This is the number one reason public transit really needs to be expanded, so when people are denied drivers licenses because they can’t handle the responsibility they have alternate methods to get to work.

  • Sad story about the foreclosure victim, but the article does an extremely poor job of explaining the circumstances and telling people what they need to do to avoid this happening. It also seems like the money that would have been paid on the mortgage was going instead to medical bills, which is another set of unfortunate circumstances but definitely a major part of the story that got ignored in this article.

    Regarding the bike lanes: if we stop parking there, does this mean bikers will get off of memorial drive and waugh? Unlikely…

  • Does anybody have more details or renderings of the development going up at 3501 Dunlavy? It’s surprisingly tasteful and retro-mod.

  • The bike thing not about common sense, it’s about non-standard signage and road markings. I’ve never seen anything in the Texas road rules about green lanes and rubber armadillos, it’s a very localized municipal invention which many people have never seen and is NOT self explanatory especially in a fraction of a second you have to decipher it while driving. I’ve seen in other cities where green lanes indicate parking and others where it’s an HOV/express lane. There’s a reason national Highway Code is standardized and very detailed.

  • @Houstonian: Not only will bikes stay on Memorial and Waugh, they will stay on streets running parallel to Lamar. They are vehicles. Take a deep breath and try to accept it.

  • @commonsense
    Google “green bike lane.” You will see that this is a standard marking used across the country.

  • Also, for additional information on green bike lanes from the Federal Highway Administration: