Fitzgerald’s Property Goes to Chicago Developer; A Few of the Vendors Lined Up for Railway Heights Food Hall; Coca Cola’s Bissonnet Bottling Plant Hits the Market

Photo of Downtown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Homeowners Can Apply to Get Reimbursed for Harvey-Related Repairs
    After clicking through the link in the story to the City’s flyer, it is an open question on whether those Meyerland house raising could be eligible. There is a mention of “soft costs” like architectural and engineering being eligible. If I spent $160,000+, I’ll be applying – I mean, what have you got to lose?

  • Looks like Sarah cashed in (big time). After the supposed racist comments, and all that noise probably a wise move for her. Not so much if you like local music, or mid level acts and reasonable ticket prices; though I guess it was inevitable.

  • @cm,

    I’m not sure this means Fitz is going away. What this DOES allow the developer to do is to cover the entire stretch, from Studewood to the convenience store, plus 2805 White Oak across the street (currently parking) with the parking provided in their automated garage. Ever wonder why they planned 244 spaces for a retail building that would only require 95? This opens up a lot of additional square footage currently dedicated to surface parking for commercial development.

  • @cm – it was inevitable. Lack of parking, not to mention the age of the structure and its weird layout probably made it unattractive to investors to keep it as it is. I haven’t gone there much lately, but each time I did I always thought it might be the last. What a shame, because I do like local music and reasonable ticket prices.

  • You have to assume that Fitzgerald’s is doomed given the plan for a giant automated garage. So, for the Heights, we get the worst of all possible outcomes. We lose a fun live music venue. We get a giant eyesore parking garage. And people will still block driveways and ignore no parking signs on neighborhood streets because they do not want to pay for parking.

  • Shame on Sara. With the sheer number of local rental homes already under her belt, she should have bulldozed the structure, and converted it to a corner lot park in perpetuity. That could/should have been her legacy.

  • Re: “New Wash Ave Food Hall Railway Heights”
    Kudos on achieving the rare name-creep double whammy.
    West of Durham, and even T.C. Jester? Nowhere near The Heights.
    North of I-10 (although technically on Washington Ave)? Not the area of bars, restaurants, etc. commonly referred to as “Wash Ave” (which I think we could all agree ends at the Westcott roundabout, or at the very least south of I-10).

  • C.L.: You’re quite a generous person… With other peoples money

  • @Cody. Yup, just like Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan, Vanderbilt.. Sucked the country dry and gave nothing back.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with making the world a better place, personal riches be damned.