Galleria 610-59 Reconstruction Officially Begins; Researching House Flood Histories; The Origins of Goode Co.

Photo of former Exxon Brookhollow campus demolition: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Great pic, pass by that daily, always wanted to drive the crane with the wrecking ball.. Seems like it would be a cool job..

  • I want to say that I can’t believe they are going to redo the 59/W610 interchange, but this is TXDOT after all. It’s was just completed 10 years ago, so I guess its time to spend $250 mil improving the road again. Seems like Austin would be a little more tight with spending, per the conservatives trying to keep taxes low, right?

  • ^ Funny!

    As sonebody who travels this freeway I’m going to be stressed. Hope the construction goes smoothly! All the detour routes are going to be just as bad?

  • GlenW: Even small government conservatives seem to open the wallet wide for “Roads and bridges”. It’s one of those things that people tend to rubber stamp regardless of cost for some reason.

  • Regarding the former Exxon Brookhollow campus, why are the buildings being torn down? Were they really in such disrepair they could not have been leased out to other companies?
    Second question, why did they not do an explosive demolition? Why are they doing a long, slow process of floor by floor wrecking ball demolition?

  • The I-5(6)9/610 interchange is such a cluster-f*** already that I doubt that 6 years of construction will even occasion much notice.

  • people sleeping outside waiting for a bunch of makeup to come out…? this must be the top of the trendy pop-culture zombie wave…yeah right about here.

  • The reason the interchange will take 6 years is to not lower the current level of service (which isn’t that great).

    If you read into the sequencing, they will take one set of ramps at a time. The newer flyovers to and from Westheimer are not changing and were built anticipating this construction.

    The main lanes of I-610 through the interchanges are going to be rebuilt in stages. They are the original bridges that were only slightly modified for safety reasons when the Westheimer flyovers were built.

    The primary function of the rebuild is to fix the short merge zones that cause most of the traffic problems.