Greenspoint Place Trades Hands; Latest Move in ExxonMobil Property Tax Dispute


Photo of Riva at the Park: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The ExxonMobil dispute is fascinating to me.
    Imagine seeing a “for sale” sign on a house; you ask the seller what the price is and he says “make me an offer.” So you look at some comps and offer $500k. Then he says “That’s not enough; I need more.” You ask “how much more” and he says “a lot more.” “Yes I know, but how much is a lot more?” He says, “I won’t tell you…”

  • Exxon sets its own policies, governments be damned. That little HCAD thinks it can push around Exxon is laughable. Exxon will tell them to go fuck themselves and do whatever it wants just like it did to the Iraqi government when they negotiated directly with the Kurds to develop oil fields.

  • @Observer
    Wowwwww!!!!!!!!!!! I’m dripping wet from just the thought of that kind of power. More please?

  • @IlkyWay
    I think he’s suggesting that XOM is going to go around HCAD and negotiate with the Kurds about the value of the campus.
    To me, it seems like XOM is in a tight spot. HCAD gave a valuation, and XOM insists it is lower but won’t share documents.

  • @Observer PFFFFTTTT. That’s nothing! A true bad-ass oil company would have expelled the Kurds, established its own oil-drilling province (Roughneckistan) and imposed fines on the Iraqi government just for being so close.