Headlines: A Move to Landmark the Dome; Overhead Bakery for Pondicheri?

Photo of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Curt Littlejohn via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • They need to just give it up on the dome and stop postponing the inevitable demolition. Private entities don’t want it, can’t finance their ideas, or their ideas are just ridiculous. Obviously the majority of voters in Harris County who care about the issue are not interested in using public funds for it.

  • It would be sh*tty if the Dome was turned into an organic fertilizer plan haha.

  • 13% of eligible voters voted in the 2013 election . This is not a majority in any sense of the word.

  • Since when do we get to pick and chose which plebiscite to respect on the basis of voter turnout? By #3’s logic, none of the issues voted upon in the last election were decided, and the whole thing will have to be done over. If dome proponents are that thick on the ground, why didn’t they flood the polls?

  • @infinite Jim, that’s why I said “voters who care”. If the dome really mattered to the other 87% cared, they would’ve gotten out to the poles.

  • “13% of eligible voters voted in the 2013 election . This is not a majority… ” – If people don’t vote then their opinion doesn’t carry weight in a democratic society. The voting majority IS the majority. Turnout isn’t terribly high for a presidential election either, but we still appoint a president. Don’t see the point here?

  • Our local turnout is pathetic for a city of this size, and it is why I’m so miffed the dome vote went down like this. This is another example of the shortsighted knock-it-down mentality we have here. History? Tear it down and put a parking lot there since we need more of those. I appreciate that people want their say for such a pricey redo proposal but it sucks when people outside the loop have a say on what goes on here when they don’t have to live with the consequences.
    Stay outside the loop for cheap property and cookie-cutter, master-plan neighborhoods but don’t go sticking your noses in the business of Houston proper.

  • It’s nice to see Emmett’s really on top of this Astrodome debacle (typical Harris County politician, create a mess then ignore it). Why are they only now considering Hiatoric Status for the Astrodome, I really don’t think preservationists in Houston understand the concept, you don’t move to preserve as it’s being torn down or worse, after it’s torn down. I’m surprised I haven’t read that they’re trying to preserve Foley’s downtime by giving the rubble Historic Status. Preservation in Houston is like a UN Anti Nuclear Committee.

  • Why was the Astrodome decision left up to the voters to begin with. We continuously pat our selves on the back for Houston being an international and diverse city. Well the reality is that many of these diverse populations are not even eligible to vote.
    Voting is a very low form of Democracy…especially in this case.

    Leaving this decision to the voters was a sham.

  • can’t the city turn the dome area into a historic district with reliant stadium being a non-contributing structure?

  • Poles v. Polls – I see what you are doing there brother. Love it.

  • What “higher form of democracy” do you suggest then, Adam? TOP MEN deciding for us?

  • @MotherHydra

    Last time I checked, the Astrodome was financed by Harris County, not the city of Houston. Those outside the loop but in Harris County have every right to vote regarding the bond.

    And your snarky “us versus them” and “haves versus have nots” rhetoric is a great reminder of both why I moved out of the loop and why I don’t really miss it.

  • @MotherHydra, as if the inner loop isn’t becoming cookie cutter homes with all the hipster 3 story, poorly built houses popping up.