Headlines: Ashby Highrise Park-In; Best High School Architecture

Photo of Lamar High School: Chris Adams

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  • Lamar should be renamed. Mirabeau was an awful person.

  • Interesting comment in the Culture Map story about the latest on “The Monster That Ate Southampton” about the “park-in” only proving that Bissonnet needs to be widened. That of course would solve two problems. It would take care of the traffic problems and it would shut these obnoxious spoiled pretentious brats up. Although of course then they would start a war over everyone losing a couple of feet of front yard. Or parking lot. Lots of those on this quiet tree-lined two-lane residential street. Which is tree-lined. But isn’t really so quiet. And really isn’t so residential.

  • RE toll roads, if you just stop paying the tolls and rack up huge toll fines, who do they turn over the collection too and what penalties are there to ensure the fines are paid?

    i’m just sick and tired of inadequately built toll roads creating multiple hazards and ruining freeway traffic at every tollway intersection. ridiculous we’re paying for roads that have a dramatic and negative impact on the flow and safety of our freeways.

  • Oh lord, renaming things because we learn something many years later that we don’t like.

    Grow up.

  • He is the father of education in Texas. The name is appropriate for a school. Yes, he was a flawed individual. History is littered with people that did great things, but also did terrible things. Andrew Jackson orchestrated the Trail of Tears, but also took Florida from Spain and won the Battle of New Orleans. Should we take him of our $5 bill? I think not.

  • Jackson was a monster, he absolutely shouldn’t be honored.

  • Joel,

    What the hell are you talking about?

    Which ones are inadequate? Which ones are unsafe?

    Also, the concept that they tolls would go away once the road is paid for was never in the agreement when the road was set up. It was pipe dream floated by some, but never a reality in the creation process.

    Dolcefino needs to go fined some wind or a puddle to stand in to report real news.

  • Andrew Jackson orchestrated the Trail of Tears, but also took Florida from Spain and won the Battle of New Orleans. Should we take him of our $5 bill? I think not.

    My vote is that we put the president who ended slavery on the $5 bill.

  • Hey,

    Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and LBJ were all monsters too. Should we strike there names from all the places, things and programs that display them?

    Should we purposefully not use the name Iran and instead call it Persia cause we do not like saying or speaking of the Aryan Race every time Iran is mentioned.

    Name changing things like this is just as stupid as the NCAA forcing schools with indian mascots to change.

  • looks like phase 2 of the “park-in” was to spam comments on the culture map article. hopefully they aren’t on their way over here now too.

  • Sorry, I meant $20! My bad.

  • “Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and LBJ were all monsters too. Should we strike there names from all the places, things and programs that display them?”

    Yes. Better a school be named “School #5” than be named after bad people. It’s not terribly difficult.

  • Spoonman,

    So the City of Houston, Galveston, Austin, Huntville all need to change their names too?

    Hope you realize the idiocy of being “offended” by a name.

    We’ll also need need to start formulating a list of all offending cities parks and school because god forbid someone may not like the name.

    Our lives must be so sweet to concern ourselves or silly non-important issues.

  • “Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and LBJ were all monsters too.”

    I’m sorry, why is this? Is it because they were war time presidents?

  • I’m sorry, why is this? Is it because they were war time presidents?

    No, of course not. Its because they’re democrats… :)

  • Woodrow Wilson – huge supporter of eugenics particularly to immigrants and less racers (in his mind) just like many of the progressive of the area.

    FDR tried everything to run around the constitution especially trying to pack the Supreme Court. On top of that, all his programs didn’t nothing to stop the Great Depression until WWII came along and gave the US and economic boost.

    LBJ was openly racist in many of his comments which had to be toned down by his speech writers and his administration. He was force to signed the civil rights bill which many in his party vehemently opposed. The support of the opposition party is the only thing push that bill through.

    You can pick anybody who has a name on a building, of a city, etc. and find fault with them.

    Getting into the habit of changing names of places on a feeling or possibly being offended is ultimately a waste of time and does nothing to benefit society.

  • oops, meant to say “lesser races” under Woodrow Wilson.

  • I’ll let whomever speak for him/herself, but all of our presidents are/were flawed and imperfect human beings. With time we come to learn that their greatness outweighs the weakness, which I certainly believe to be the case for Wilson, FDR, and LBJ.

  • @Sapper

    He/she probably said that because they were progressives/democrats.

  • I could pick any president and do this. Mel made the important point. They all do something that rise above their lesser actions.

    The things I’ve mention don’t force us to remove their names from buildings or places.

    My point all along is that we don’t run around un-naming things because we uncover something in their past we don’t like.

  • Lost_In_Translation & Brian,

    Thank you for the clairification.


    Agreed, everyone has faults. However, the benefit to society as a whole outweighs the flaws.

  • @kjb,
    I’m not sure FDR trying to outmaneuver the Supreme Court and developing social programs that were only moderately effective qualifies him as a “monster.”

    And LBJ did decide to sign the Civil Rights Bill. Monster?

  • Mike, I wasn’t putting those examples to pose a discussion, but for the record, LBJ opposed the civil rights bill but signed it because it secured the black vote will always go Democrat (which wasn’t the case prior to that time). If LBJ listened to his party, he would have vetoed it. The opposition party’s votes are what got the bill passed in congress and the senate.

  • FDR’s economics were just plain dumb, but his internment of the Japanese was positively criminal.

  • This is why I do not believe in memorials, funerals, cemeteries, embalming, or respect for the dead. These rituals and devices permit an illusion of greatness, even when ordinar men only are what they are and nothing more. All that happened was that they existed in a time and place when some random confluence of cultural bullshit occured and are then forever subject to historical fetishism.

  • He interned Germans (including German Jews) also. There were some German camps in Louisiana and in my home town since along the Mississippi River there were a large group of German immigrants.

    The Niche, pretty much spot on. Sometimes I feel like the name ceremonies often feel like one-up-manship.

  • Occupy Bissonnet was a total failure if you ask me. I drove right by (eastbound) all those parked cars at 5:45 PM on Monday. Even with all the extra cars, traffic was flowing quite nicely. They even had one large SUV illegally parked on the westbound side of the street. Just for fun, I circled back westbound from Montrose to Kirby. No traffic at all. At 5:55 PM on a weekday.

    My conclusions:

    1. Traffic on Bissonnet is not a problem. The addition of 250 condos won’t make it any worse than the hundreds of thousands of folks that already live and work nearby.

    2. If traffic is a problem, make it a no parking zone. Problem solved.

    3. If #2 doesn’t work, widen Bissonnet.

    4. If Bissonnet is already congested enough that we should halt development in the neighborhood then we should pretty much stop building anything anywhere in the city.