Headlines: CenterPoint Gas Problem; Ken Lay’s Desk Not Sold Separately

Photo of Southwest Freeway at Montrose: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Thank you, Centerpoint. A lawsuit is likely to uncover rates that are too low–so you will increase them across the board. BUT, even if the rates were, in fact, too high, you will have to increase them because of your costs incurred by said lawsuit. Hmmm, something doesn’t seem right here. IF you did something wrong, why should the customers have to pay twice? I wish I could use this logic in my everyday life.

  • I like the new Graffitti on the arch of these bridges over 59 N

  • 15million / 400000 ~ $40/year per customer. My god! That’s certainly worth million in lawyers fees.

  • Centerpoint: I can’t even. In the end, so they can keep their profits, we will eat the costs. I wish they never became the sole provider of NG, and I don’t see how this is legal. From the stupid $50 charge to put gas in my name (literally pushing a button on their end) to questionable utility bills I receive them, I’m fed up.