Headlines: Chain Restaurant Comebacks; That Houspitality Spirit

Photo of dead shad on Galveston beach: drealjjones

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  • I love the story about the vacant home that has the mosquito pool. The HOA and city has done a ton of work to get this guy to solve the problem. It would seem to be 100x easier for these people to just pump the water out.
    There. Problem solved. No more countless city/HOA hours trying to track this guy down. Then you can bill the guy via a “weed lien”. I’m sure he’s fine to pay it, he’s likely just lazy.
    And “omg the gate is open”. Okay. Then lock it. Sure it is the responsibility of the owner and they should do it but if they don’t secure the gate then should they all just stand around with their thumb in their butt? or buy a $2 lock and call it a day.