Headlines: Cheaper Hotels for Convention Center District; A Gilley’s Revival in Pasadena

Photo of graffiti art at Houston Food Park at St. Emanuel and Bell by The One Lee and Cease: Ruben S. via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Re: the midrange hotels downtown = excellent news. Infill on an empty lot = even better. I’ve been working downtown for 17 years now, and based on my wildly unscientific, highly anecdotal observations, there are appreciably more tourists around downtown these days. Getting them to stay downtown instead of booking out at the galleria means more opportunity for more downtown retail to stay open on nights/weekends.

  • yeah i’ve noticed tourists downtown the last few years. mostly taking pics along main of buildings and cops on horseback. i’ve also seen what appear to be tour groups with guides in the tunnels which seems like kindof a lame vacation activity if you ask me.

  • If the new Gilley’s doesn’t have a mechanical bull they might as well not even rebuild. ???