Headlines: Creating a Shopping District Downtown; Food Truck Fines

Photo: Dan DeLuca [license]

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  • Great news… will anything stay open past 5:00pm? What about weekends?

  • Another city sponsored flop !!! Scarce tax dollars enriching a private developer. The development,if it ever gets built, will eventually flop and then ,we the taxpayers , will have even higher taxes to pay for rescuing yet another misguided , failed real estate project. Remember El Mercado del Sol, etc? This is too ambitious and misguided. And the economy will not produce enough disposable income for consumers to support the level of consumption necessary for this or any other project to succeed.

  • My understanding is that the expansion of the downtown entertainment district is to take advantage of the influx of visitors to the state-of-the-art soap box derby facility developed by Harris County.

  • Like the Headlines link wrap up. Hope this becomes a regular feature.