Headlines: Dancing in Midtown; Drinking at UH

Photo of Greenway Plaza: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Can we just rename the Washington Ave area ‘Little suburbia’?
    It’s got a Target, Walmart, sonic, Kwik Kar, Chilis, Chick-fil-a, mega-Kroger, Petsmart, a McDonalds, 4 chain sandwich shops, 2 chain burrito places, and both an IHOP AND Denny’s.
    All pretty much off of a major 8 lane highway.
    Put a Best Buy & Bed Bath and Beyond and I’m pretty sure it would be a clean sweep.
    The only difference being that in the suburbs, the city of Houston doesn’t hand out money to build these kind of stores….. oh wait…

  • Hip Hip Hooray! Haven’t been a UH student in nearly 10 years, but so happy they’re finally getting a decent coffee shop. GO COOGS.

  • DNAguy,
    nothing suburban about that area, no Lowes, no Home Depot, no Applebees, as you pointed out, no Best Buy.
    They will be getting a Guitar Center though, so there is that.