Headlines: Dragon Bowl Succumbs to Witchcraft; Sandy Kills the Ike Dike

Photo of Station Museum gas station painted by Daniel Anguilu: Candace Garcia

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  • Dragon Bowl needs to be careful with their new name, I don’t think Tom Colicchio would approve.

  • Not surprising to me that Dragonbowl closed, given my personal experiences with undercooked food and take out orders that were incorrectly completed. Happy All on Yale, while not stellar, has better food in my opinion.

  • ‘Swag Chic’? ‘Witchcraft Tavern’? More montrosification of the Heights.

  • Witchcraft Tavern sounds like an odd name/concept but the Heights needs more craft beer purveyors so I think it has a chance.

  • ShadyHeighster, try Heights Asian Cafe on Yale and 20th or so. They’ve been pretty solid.