Headlines: Fearing the Smart Meter; League City Red-Light Camera Lawsuit

Photo of OKRA Charity Saloon skylight: Candace Garcia

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  • I’ll bet you dollars to donuts every one of the smart meter protesters owns and uses a cell phone. Irony, this is Ignorant. Ignorant, please meet Irony.

  • UH has a ways to go before it becomes significantly residential, but it’s moving in the right direction. The article didn’t mention one other residential building currently in construction, nor did it mention the light rail stations going in. The light rail will either (1) make commuting to UH easier, thus discouraging campus residence, or (2) make campus residence more attractive. Take your pick.

  • Once again, Swamplot references an article that can’t be read unless one subscribes to HBJ.

    Very frustrating…

  • Am I the only one who can’t seem to access anything on the Chronicle website today?

  • I looked all over and can’t find the exact locations of either of the planned east-side Moon Tower spots – anyone know?

  • @Rex, #4

    I was able to read the art car piece in the Chronicle just now.

    I cannot imagine that anyone who owns an art car and who put in countless hours of work to make it such would want to park it out in the open on Heights Blvd or anyplace else.

    Vandals exist everywhere.

  • Artfox, HBJ isn’t quite worthy of a full read of any article. The reason the Pavilions failed is the lack of skywalk or tunnel access.

  • By that logic, GID should cease planning and financing for Regent Square because it doesn’t have downtown tunnel access. Also City Centre should close up shop, because houstonians just won’t go outside for any reason what so ever. Also its 1965 and skywalks are the FUTURE!

    Houston Pavilions failed because it opened in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just stating the obvious

  • The people are putting metal cages around their old meters…. uhm, they don’t own those meters. How about Oncor just shuts your power off until you let them install the smart meter…

  • As a former UH student who transferred to UT, im glad im far away from that cesspit. The administration has no conception of architectural significance. They believe that new shiny buildings = tier one. Oh wait, they really aren’t a tier one school and their relentless construction boom is a desperate attempt to hide it. Instead of investing in the actual education of students, they waste money on building totally out of place monstrosities that belong in sugarland, not in the middle of a historic urban neighborhood. The majority of the new buildings popping up were literally built in less than a year which may explain why cougar village is falling apart after just 2 years in service.

    UH had some great students, particularly in the Honors College, but Renu has no idea of what she’s doing.