Headlines: Fewer Cars in League City; More Buffalo Bayou Brewing

Photo of the Royalton on Allen Pkwy. near Dunlavy: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • I am happy to report that organizers of this years Free Pass Fest did an excellent job of cleaning up after their concerts/party along elanor tinsley park on allen parkway.

  • It’s frustrating that all the Galveston news requires an online subscription to the paper. I thought,well,I’ll just get an online subscription. But,no, at 14 bucks per month, or $168 for year, it’s just too much for the occasional real estate news. Maybe I am being cheap.

  • That’s something I think Swamplot should think about, paywall (although bypassable with some effort) creates a lesser quality reading experience, and by directing Swamplot readers to an article to another site, it promotes posting of comments on THAT site, lowering overall traffic here.

  • Paywalls should only be used for quality stories. And I doubt two paragraphs in the GDN about a new Best Western qualifies under that definition.

  • City Resetting 800 Lights in Downtown!!!

    This should read “Mayor Parker is a Failure”!