Headlines: First Inner Loop Walmart Opens; Haunted Galveston

Photo of Greenway Plaza: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Parking lot for the Heights Wal-mart was packed at 7am this morning. But I am sure that was all undesirables from other neighborhoods as no Heights resident would dare condescend to set foot in a Wal-Mart.

  • On the positive side (which I know, is hard for ‘Smacklot’ commenters) Walmart did a great job of blending in with the surrounding and urban/vintage feel of the area as well as all the strip stores (taco cabana, Starbucks, etc)-not bad and the store is needed-why so much negative noise of this store when target breezed by-it’s not like this area is a cool area of Chicago or boston-just Htown.

  • The “River Oaks District” is not even in River Oaks.

    So stupid.

  • This hipsters engaged in disestablishmentarianism but couldn’t follow through because they suffered from hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. (google it, it’s a real diagnosis)

  • @JOEY JOJO. The Walmart was parking lot was full because my fellow Heights residents were there in force to make sure the undesirables did not leave with the carts or throw dirty diapers on the ground.

  • River oaks district should go back to the original plan. It was exciting and different nothing like it exist in houston. There isn’t anything special about the new plan seems very boring and bland.

  • NorhillJoe=BIGOT. Dude you need to get over your inflated ego. The Heights is just another neighborhood inside the city; incidentally, a neighborhood that had a strong emphasis on HOOD in its not too distant past. Now that people like you have gentrified the area, how fast you forget where your neighborhood has come from. Posting like NorhillJoe’s simply reveal the shallow, closed-mindedness of some people. If you don’t like WalMart, don’t shop there.

  • Please send some photos of the people of Walmart

  • Anyone have a better idea on when us folks at Westcreek (4444 Westheimer) will be receiving our 30 day notices? The couple of stories I’ve seen say only early next year. My lease is through next summer but it doesn’t look like we’ll make it till then.

  • @Kevpat64

    You’d have to go back about 2 years here on Swamplot to follow all the back and forth banter that has taken place over this store.

    Having said that, you’ll find (if you stick around) that there is a lot of sarcasm and snarkiness here. Usually it’s not meant to be mean but rather to be in a more mocking tone. It’s very difficult to convey sarcasm on a blog such as this.

  • @Kevpat64. It is difficult to convey sarcasm in a post but that was my intention. If you read any of my previous posts regarding the Walmart on Yale you will find I have taken my fellow Heights residents to task for their opposition.

    I am not a Walmart hater and plan to shop at the new location when warranted. I have lived in the Heights for over 20 years, in apartments, owned a 90 plus year old house and now new construction. Progress is good for the HOOD.

  • Send me an e-mail address and I will send you a true story about what happened to me while grocery shopping at the Walmart Store in Galveston in the year 2005.