Headlines: Home Sales Continue Climb; Second Arrest in Late Nite Pie Plot

Photo of Hwy. 105 south bypass: Jason Fochtman/Cleveland Advocate

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  • So, if I am tailgating at Dynamo Stadium and have some leftover food, will I be fined if I give it to a homeless person?

  • No big whoop about the feds pulling back the purse strings on Project Brays – the amazing miraculous storm water “fee” is already making flooding disappear forever!

  • No Robert, you’d have to be distributing to a line of people on private property where you did not receive the landowner’s consent (trespassing) and had the intent to distribute ahead of time.

  • Superdave, the federal govt has no business or legal standing to fund local projects, although, thanks to Shiela J. Lee, we now have federal undercover cops looking for and searching “suspicious” people on Metro vehicles. There are always funds for the domestic police state/military.

  • Great news for the folks at Artist Boat. Having a sanctuary in Galveston will be a great opportunity for that organization to expand the great educational work they do. Very nice to see them get permanent digs for their organization.

  • @Superdave @Dana-X
    The government might have no business funding local projects – and people can certainly argue about the constitutionality of it – but since 1928, the federal government has provided money to localities affected by natural disasters. In this sense, it would make more sense to fund a little prevention instead of a lot of cure, as the saying goes.

    That said, I hope the current scarcity of funds focuses these people to only spend on the the highest value items to prevent flooding. More detention ponds and fewer bike trails (even though I personally would love to have more trails).

  • And now we have the rest of the story on Late Night Pie.

  • @Dana-X: We will be living in Soviet Bloc style housing and navigating through government checkpoints on our way to the bread line for rations during our lifetime.