Headlines: HOT Lanes Are Here; Reinventing Downtown’s Bayou-Side Post Office

Photo of Museum District and Med Center: Candace Garcia

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  • i honestly don’t know whats dumber, having HOT lanes at all, or closing them during heavy traffic periods.

    on one hand you’ve already destroyed the incentive for carpooling, why restrict it during heavy traffic periods when citizens need the HOT lane the most to increase efficiency of the roads.

  • Hmm, is anyone willing to make the connection between this economically “devastating” drought and the millions of gallons of water sent down into the earth via the fracking process?

  • @ Anon: Yes of course there’s a clear problem with south Texas’ fracking up-tick and the prolonged drought! The only good note that I can see is that fracking can use grey-water.

  • The Hobby Airport renovation looks pretty cool.
    Swamplotters should be interested in The 1940 Air Terminal Museum at the south side of Hobby Airport (www.1940airterminal.org)
    Housed in Houston’s original Art Deco terminal building – which is lovely – organizers have both a lot of artifacts and a long way to go. It’s worth a visit!