Headlines: Hotel Derek Becoming a Destination; MetroNational’s Growing Nexen Line

Photo of Glenwood Cemetery: Candace Garcia via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • “Isn’t It Time for Houston To Have a Serious Discussion About Zoning?”

    Sure. Here we go:

    Zoning is stupid. Zoning creates dead areas of cities. Zoning is bad for the economy. You can never plan everybody’s life as well as they can plan for themselves.

    Discussion over.

  • Zoning is bad for the economy? Is that why Forbes Magazine ranked Austin as the fastest growing city in the US? Dallas second and Houston fourth?

  • LOL Spoonman.

    It’s really funny to read the comments in the article about zoning ripping the writer to shreds.

    There were so many good comments all I did was wonder if the writer knew anything about Houston?

  • Shockingly, Old School, more than one factor can influence a city’s economic growth.