Headlines: Houston Builders Still Love McMansions; Galveston Trolley Could Ride Again

Photo of marathoners on the Elysian Viaduct: abc13

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  • Humans want more space, more features, more land. As much as the Chicago Tribune’s editors may wish people would choose en masse to live in 1500 sf or less, that “trend” will be done as soon as the hangover from the bubble is passed. Then the pursuit of more, more, more will continue indefinitely until (unless?) the earth actually runs out of resources to supply it.

  • Great race and great show of support from all the Houstonians. But, is it just me or should U.S. marathons be limited to just it’s citizens? Year after year Africans come in to the states and dominate every marathon in about every city leaving the citizens of the cities out of the prize money.