Headlines: Houston Club Shacking Up with Plaza Club; Galveston’s Port of Call Dreams

Photo of Constellation Field, Sugar Land: Real Estate Bisnow

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  • I love Galveston and all, but I couldn’t imagine paying to take a boat to visit Galveston for 12 hours.

  • What is to become of the current Debakey HS site?

  • Galveston Island port of call shore excursions include an exciting adventure removing tar balls from leg hair, and not being able to see your feet when you’re knee deep in the water.

    Certainly they’ve got a decent number of attractions, moody gardens, pleasure pier, the strand, seawolf park, lone star flight museum (until they relocate to ellington), schliterbahn, and I’m sure there’s more, but it doesn’t sound too attractive for a cruise ship port of call, not in my book at least.

  • What the pic of Constellation Field for? The Texas Instrument site is nowhere near there.

  • @C. Sense: The photo isn’t intended to match the Texas Instrument story. I pick an interesting photo to run in that spot each day, matching it to a story whenever possible, but that isn’t always the case. Like today!

  • @C. Sense: The photo is to show you an example of a venue where a .500 baseball team plays, since there isn’t one in Houston proper.

  • What’s the point of building the NEW HSPVA school downtown? That surely isn’t the highest & best use of a downtown block that the city owns, is it?

  • @DrewJ As a performing arts school it’s important for them to be downtown where most of the city’s major arts organizations are. It’s been beneficial to be near downtown even for my own small arts education non-profit.

  • This is coming from a DeBakey alumnus, there is absolutely NO benefit from moving the school to the TMC. Students are already rotating throughout the TMC without issues and the more motivated one do summer research programs. I don’t see the logic that being physically in the med center will make a difference at all for the students. I can’t be the only one who feels this way!

  • @DrewJ, the City doesn’t own that block, HISD does. and it looks like they have for some time.

  • @Amanda

    Of course. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Shame that they can’t be closer to the arts center.


    My bad. Simple brain fart. I would assume that they’ve owned it at least since 1894 when the old Central High was built on that block.

  • Any biomedical educational institution gains considerable strength by being closely associated with TMC. There’s a much higher credibility and visibility factor. And as a bonus, students may be visited by Glenn McCarthy’s ghost.

  • Yes, HISD has owned that block in downtown for quite some time, and it’s about time they put it to a higher and better use than a parking lot. See below:


  • The block owned by HISD that will be the campus of HSPVA is the site of the first public high school in Houston or something like that. The beautiful old building was bulldozed in the 70’s only to be replaced w an ugly parking lot for the last 40 years. Let’s hope the new building is a striking one befittingits purpose and its historical location as a place of learning from the early days of Houston.

  • @thaq: Is there any drawback to using that site? What alternatives do you suggest? Rebuilding on the existing site? You’re certainly not the only one that feels the way you do but that isn’t a justification in and of itself.

  • Rebuilidng a school on a small site is a problem – what do you do with the students when the school is torn down? It’s far better to rebuild in another spot, either on the same site, or elsewhere. There isn’t enough space to rebuild at the current site.