Headlines: IAH Expansion; Brazos River Battle

Photo of Post Oak Central: Joseph De Palma [license]

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  • Astros’ owner is considering changing their name and uniform once they join the AL? The lack of tradition I believe hurts a sports franchise.
    Alright, Swampies…let the names begin;
    The Houston Hurricanes?

  • I can’t believe he would even consider such a foolish move. Just think of the backlash. Wow.

  • Just to run through all the stereotypes, quickly, “Oilers”, “Drillers”, “Tankers”, “Porters”, “Industrialists”, “Fatties” (or “Guapos” to appeal to our growing Latin population), “Alkies”, “Booze Hounds”, “Lard Asses”, “Sweat”, “Heat”, “Floods”, “Cottonmouths”, “Roaches”, “Wetbacks & FOBs”, “Billboards”, “Traffic”, “Freeways”, and “Jobs”.

  • How about DisAstros!!!

  • I was going to say “Humidity”, but my vote goes to Luz–Dis-Astros!