Headlines: Live Streaming a League City Tree Transplant; Pearland-Sugar Land Police Statue Twins

Photo of a windowless Upper Kirby Borders: Brennan Rosales

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  • The matching pearland/sugarland statue situation is funny. They really do look identical much like their houses/neighborhoods. :)

  • You think hawks are bad, just wait until bald eagles start nesting in suburbs. Small dogs are the easiest food source for eagles and hawks.

  • This is why I have dog sized dogs.

  • JFC that article about the hawk was written like a Stephen King novel. It’s not like the hawk vs. bunny war just started recently. Most people actually like the fact that some aspects of nature are still present in urban areas. The rabbit probably already had 16 babies by the time it got eaten.

    The most laughable part is that the city indulged this lady with an “alert” on its website. In Houston, we do the same when our water supply is about to run out, or a serial rapist is on the loose. For once I’m glad that I live in a part of town where interesting shit actually happens.

  • Does anybody actually look at the sky anymore? Hawks have been circling the skies in West U for years and I’m not talking about the IRS evasion task force. This is not some new “danger” that has befallen the city. We also have herons, owls, bats, snakes, opossums, raccoons, dogs, feral cats, rats, the occasional coyote and a substantial number of rabid humans. BTW, the hawks I’ve seen are much more interested in keeping the dove population in check than in eating Snookums and his Gucci sweater.

  • It benefits us urbanites when Nature balances itself. I truly believe we need more predators to keep the deer, raccoon, hog, feral dog and cat populations in check. Just imagine having to worry about puma attacks when you go out at night! Wouldn’t that be cool?