Headlines: Mall of the Mainland in Rainland; Hunting Cougar Architects

Photo of flooding on Norfolk St.: James Fuller/KHOU

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  • Yowza! That’s the street behind me! I was downtown and didn’t make it home until after 5. Luckily, the water had already drained, and from the debris, we fared a tad better, being 5 houses further up the street.

  • Yep I saw a very well written article on CNN.com that described the tornado at the “Mall of Midland” located “in Texas City, about sixty miles from Houston.” The fruit of syndicated media.

  • Ha! I used to live on that street, a half block further from Shepherd.

  • Will the UH stadium be renamed? Mrs. Robinson died 2 or 3 years ago and I believe she was the last of the original Hugh Roy and Lillie Cullen children.