Headlines: Michael Jordan’s MFAH Birthday Bash; No SugarDaddie for Sugar Land

Photo of Wells Fargo Plaza: emporio86

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  • So MJ can do a 50th b-day bash for somewheres just above $100k in Houston while VY takes a loan of $300k (allegedly) to get his 28th b-day part off the ground? Sounds like someone has his priorities way out of whack.

  • SugarDaddy.com? ridiculous name for a city.
    SugarDaddy.com Land, now there’s a city I would hang my hat upon!

  • Sugardaddy.com free advertising accomplished via story.

  • There must be a poor town somewhere with “sugar” in their name that would take up this offer, but probably for them even it should be at least a few million dollars.

    Sugar Land is not a poor town though.

  • Sigh. Leebron kills some more green space for yet another building. He can’t be gone soon enough.

  • My understanding is that the new building is going where the tennis courts next to Autrey court. (Presumably taking part of Parking Lot H with it.) So that suggests that little green space will be eradicated. (Of course, if they decide to build a new tennis stadium elsewhere on campus, it may be at the expense of green space.)