Headlines: Occupy Houston Occupies 610 Ramp; Houston to Dallas by Private Bullet Train

Photo of Jaume Plensa sculptures on Allen Parkway at Studemont: Jay Lee [license]

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  • Rail from Houston to Dallas is a great idea. The more rail is expanded in Houston and Texas the better. What if the price of oil goes to $300 in the event of a major crisis in Iran or Saudi Arabia? Houston would come to a standstill. There’s no planning for a catastrophe like that. I’ve heard some experts talk of $500 oil if certain events happen in the middle east. The sooner commuter rail and high-speed rail get built, the better. Houston and the rest of the state may need to build it out of necessity soon.

  • If oil goes to $300 or $500 oil, Houston would transform into a beehive of activity in short order. Freeways would become nightmarishly congested, and yes, we would need more mass transit to hold us over while we built more freeways and toll roads.