Headlines: Repairing Houston Sidewalks; Squeezing Out Suburban Wildlife

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  • “The changes coming to Main Street have been nearly 16 years in the making, according to Young.”

    16 years? For everyone wanting repairs to their neighborhood, I guess the line is very, very long.

  • These “repairs” are not necessary (with the exception of the sidewalk in front of the Zara Hotel) … it is all about spending grant money in an showy place. Although I am not against making the park and museum area more attractive there are many other places in the area that could use actual repairs.

  • In what parallel universe does some no name pseudo ambulance chaser by a 14 million dollar mansion–please some tort reform –sickening

  • Sounds like Shannon’s a little jealous of Mr. Buzbee’s success.

    More power to the man if he can afford something like this. It’s his hard earned money, he can do with it what he pleases.

  • @Midtowner, true, but I think his point was that something is amiss, Buzbees lawfirm is not large enough to bring in that kind of cash.

  • According to Wikipedia, Buzbee has won a billion dollars in settlements and verdicts for his clients. He has plenty of cash to buy the house.

  • You know what you call a $14mil sale in California? A teardown.

  • Oh yeah, I’m sure his “clients” can afford a house in River Oaks–please –you’d never see a lawyer buying the most expensive House in Los Angeles or Chicago or NYC or even Dallas–only Houston with its uneducated juries can a lawyer make this much–what a joke–he’s not even a blue blood from Baker Botts he’s some Ambulance chaser from Buna

  • @Shannon, why the hate for a lawyer who has won significant verdicts for clients? I’m not a fan of big name lawyers, but Buzbee doesn’t seem that bad. And, many of the best lawyers in town do not work for major firms.

  • I don’t hate lawyers–my dad was one of the top corporate lawyers in Houston–but I know all about how they work–etc, I don’t need a lecture, I’m well versed, believe me

  • Shannon- don’t be such an elitist. Geez.

  • Wouldn’t getting rid of the stretch of Fannin in Hermann park make Main more walkable/ would be better for the park? I never understood the need for both Main and Fannin in that stretch of town.
    If you stop Fannin and San Jac at the north side of the park and merge Fannin into Main on the south side, you’d still be able to accommodate the traffic, and ‘add’ some of the park back. Having Fannin ‘in’ the park cuts off that strip from public use.
    I guess you’d also have to move the light rail closer to Main which is prohibitively expensive. A pipe dream of proper planning I guess.