Headlines: Second Houston H&M Open; Expanding Rooms To Go

Photo of Beer Can House, 222 Malone St.: Candace Garcia via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • That’s near my mechanics shop. Frankly, knowing the demography of the area, I’m shocked it’s not worse. At some point they’re goon to find a body in there. My mechanic had his A/C compressor stolen and sloth businesses need razor wire fences to keep people out. It used to be pretty quiet, but then they started building those KB homes down the road. Coincidence between the dumping and the tract housing?

  • Lost: I used to have people dump in front of my dumpster in front of an apartment complex. I installed (highly visible) cameras. Caught a few people. Problem went away.
    If I were the owner, I’d get that land sold to someone that wants to do something with it (does no good sitting on an empty lot), or continue to eat the fines. Or invest in some cheap fencing, cameras, or something. I can guarantee that for less than he spent on removal, he could have gotten a big camera with a 3G self contained internet connection and busted the scumbags dumping on his land.