Headlines: Shuttle Mockup Arrives; Downtown Microbrew Incubator

Photo of shuttle replica on Nasa Rd. 1: Flickr user txflygirl

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  • Good luck to the people who are trying to dissolve the Montrose Management District. And to those who live in the “historic districts.” And to those who believe if you click your heels three times you get to go back to Kansas. For those of us who know better, well, don’t blame us. We didn’t vote for her…

  • The fact that Houston is getting a replica instead of one of the actual shuttles is a slap in the face to our city, which has supported the Johnson Space Center for decades. Thank you Nobama!

  • That is typical, 5 hours to travel 1 mile on NASA road 1 !!!

  • That Houston is not getting a real shuttle, and instead is being fobbed off with a mockup, is, well…. a mockery!!

  • Not only is it fake, but it’s an 18 year old hand me down.