Headlines: Texas City Skyline Adjustment; ‘Fecal Fountains’ South of Gulfgate

Photo of Salt Grass Trail riders on Groschke Rd., Katy: Alan Warren/Sugar Land Sun

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  • “When a goal happens , we’re going to have the ability to press one button and make this place explode … ”

    “Where all the LED’s, all the video boards are all in sync and going off at once. We’re going to have a celebration, a theme song going and everybody’s going to know that a goal happened.

    Sounds like everyone in EaDo will know when a goal happened. All part of the EaDo/being really hip/urban experience.

  • If that “shower” happened in 006, say on Westmoreland St., how fast would the city be over there to fix their mess?

    So, fix it yourself, replace furniture, clothes, disinfect everything (that’ll cost a bundle)find another place to live for who knows how long and absorb all those costs. Then hope the city will accept responsibility. If they don’t, next hire a lawyer yada yada yada.

    This story will surely make all the late night monologs next week.

  • Those poor homeowners. Shame on the city.

  • Great…yet more property speculation. Can anyone say AstroWorld? At least Cherry is getting work out of this.Electricity rates continue to increase after deregulation, and they are warning us of rolling blackouts…and now they blow up yet another mothballed power plant instead of putting the thing back online. Would anyone really want to live in a home built on top of a contaminated industrial site?Hey ex-Enron market speculators and traders: Get out of the property and commodities markets!Google Maps: http://maps.google.com/?ll=29.487742,-94.979167&spn=0.008704,0.013626&t=h&z=16