Headlines: The 3 New Carrabba’s Restaurants on Kirby; BYOB to West U

Photo of gutted Leeland St. apartment building: Christopher Newsom [license] via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • La Promenade, another reason to never, ever go anywhere near Sharpstown.

  • Was that building on Leeland actually an apartment building? I remember it being an HCC Annex.

  • La Promenade is a complete dump.

  • Jgriff: La (grammatically correct) Promenade Condominiums is actually a very nice complex in Montreal Quebec. LE Promenade Condominiums is the slum at 7400 Bissonnet.
    Your post proves shows that there’s validity to the Chronicle article last week about how Sharpstown’s reputation is its real problem. Slums like Le Promenade have been allowed to define Sharpstown; rather than the stable, tree- lined residential streets and the institutions that call Sharpstown home (HBU, St. Agnes, Strake Jesuit, and the Golf Course to name three.)

  • Sorry about the spelling ZAW.

    The reputation is deserved.

  • I love that beautiful art deco building on Leeland. I drive by it all the time. Wish it was redeveloped into residential.

  • Does that picture mean they are going to do something with that building?