Headlines: Those Long Cinco Ranch Commutes; Last Days of the Prudential Building

Photo of M.D. Anderson Houston Main Building: Candace Garcia

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  • Why did cabo close? Downtown needs more places to eat, not the other way around. I hope Frank’s nextdoor is okay.

  • Wasn’t the Inwood Forst golf course conversion just nominated for best neighborhood upgrade?

  • Forest, not *Forst*– oops.

  • I’m guessing that Cabo closed because of a fatal combination of indifferent service and food to match.

  • Does anyone know the exact time they plan to implode the Prudential Building this coming Sunday?

  • I looked on Google maps and compared it to the exclusion zone map of the demo. There are not many good sightlines from the ground, except perhaps from the southwest on the south bank of the bayou. There is also a provision for the demo to be postponed +2 minutes should an ambulance need passage through the area. Much like some other demo I’ve seen, there’s rarely an exact timetable and can easily turn into a lot of waiting for a few seconds of excitement. The only time indication I’ve seen so far is “after sunrise” which is 7:18 AM on Sunday. Kind of cold, brisk and windy to be getting out of a warm bed at 6 AM on a Sunday to stand around for who knows how long for a boom.

  • thanks for taking someone’s suggestion to have a photo that’s relevant to one of the stories

  • There is an economic black hole at Prairie and Main St that finally consumed Cabo. That section of downtown is too far from the offices, too far from the stadiums, too far from the court complex, too far from the convention center and too far from the theaters to sustain anything other than the flavor of the month booz ‘n chippees club. Until offices and/or housing encroach on that section of downtown, it will forever be a graveyard of restaurants, clubs and bars. Maybe Marvy Finger could do another apartment tower on the spot where there was an attempt to recreate the Shamrock.

  • Au contraire, Old School, I work downtown and am in walking distance of therestarauntformerlyknownas Cabo, and I and hundreds of other people walked past Cabo pretty much every day on our way to better eats. Cabo is in a fantastic location for a downtown lunch crowd. It was the food and prices that stunk.

  • Boo – I agree Cabo had a fine location. I brought out-of-town guests there for lunch or early dinner as part of a walk-about through the nice upgraded streetscapes…

  • Re Cinco Ranch commute. I’m always amazed (and oddly impressed?) at the commute that some people are willing to put up with. I have friends back in San Diego that drive an hour to/from work so they could be a nicer place in the burbs than they could otherwise afford ‘in town’.
    If I had to drive more than 20 minutes a day in traffic — every day — I’d jump off a bridge.