Headlines: UH Robertson Stadium Replacement Shaping Up; Guy Hagstette Planning Houston

Photo of Critical Mass at Market Square Park: Jackson Myers via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Good times at critical mass

  • So, Houstonia does an article about comments on Swamplot, which is then linked on Swamplot and commented on again at Swamplot. If Houstonia does another article about the comments on Swamplot about the article they wrote about comments on Swamplot will we create some sort of internet comment vortex from which we will never be able to escape?

  • On the increase in tolls: Notice they raised the price for a current $1 exit to $1.25.

  • @Old School
    Dude, you’re totally famous now!

  • Is there a website on how this tolling stuff works? Are the finances available?

  • I really regret missing the meeting on the direct connectors to the medical center.
    I do have to say that Robert Muhammad’s main contention with the connectors is true. It’s going to further bisect the Riverside Terrace neighborhood at a time when development has a real chance of spilling east of 288. Talk about repeating the ills of the past!
    This does nothing to solve any of the true bottlenecks on 288. The traffic backs up at the 45/59 split and 610. Direct connectors to Holcoumbe do nothing to get at this. If anything, the toll road will just exacerbate the 45/59 split issue…
    I don’t work in the medical center, but when I go there, I never have issues with access by car AND I have the option of taking rail. The connectivity of the area (a lot of bus routes go there as well) is one of the best already.