Headlines: Water Unrestricted; Pearland Wants Your Tourist Dollars

Photo of Reliant Park: Ed Schipul [license]

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  • I read the Pearland article, but still fail to see how they plan to become a tourist attraction. The best western is about as exciting as my office parking lot.

  • Maybe Pearland could open up a cruise terminal. They would do at least as well as Bayport.

  • I bet a bunch of enormous presidential busts would attract a few sight-seers. Oops.

  • Pearland has a comparative advantage to other towns as a bedroom community. It should expend resources to leverage that strength.

    The 4th Ward article was also amusing. From what was written and shown in the photos, you’d almost think that white people are more concerned about black history than are the black people that sold out and moved to places like north Katy. Is this emblematic of a legacy of black struggle or a legacy of white guilt?

  • Pearland can’t figure out what it wants to be. There’s “old Pearland” that never quite embraced itself. No cute old buildings, no center of town. No history. The center of “old Pearland” is 35/Telephone Road which runs right THROUGH it. Then there’s “new Pearland.” (Which old Pearland sneers at). All those new subdivision’s that want to be cool and with it and NOT part of old Pearland… new development closer to 288. What began as Silver Lake and expanded into barren subdivision after barren subdivision along 518, culminating in the horror of strip centers and Town Center, an outdoor mall hybrid thing. The requisite traffic that accompanies those neighborhoods and shopping is horrific due to limited options on actually getting OUT of Pearland to 45 or 288 or up 35. So yeah, let’s rush right on down to Pearland and be tourists @ Kohl’s or Macy’s or Penney’s or Target or….

  • Pearland is a great place to live but I wouldn’t want to visit there.

  • I was joking with a friend of mine that this year’s vacation budget will only fund a trip to a fast food joint in Pasadena. Maybe I’ll head to Pearland instead. They have fast food down there, don’t they?

  • I see Pearland coming up with some kind of riverwalk/restaurant row/inland Kemah or some other artificial contrivance. Maybe add some grazing longhorns to give tourists the full-on Texas experience.