Heights Mercantile Developer Planning N. Shepherd Mixed-Use Space; New UH Med School Stays on Campus; The Rustic Opens Downtown

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  • I think UH should have put the Medical School in The Medical Center. I’m sure this is cheaper, but Baylor really benefits from being in The Medical Center and it would have been worth the additional cost, long run, to put it at that location. I’ve never liked the UH campus, it’s unattractive and is located in a dangerous neighborhood. UH does have some interesting buildings, but it lacks any cohesion or overarching style and feels like it was laid out by a drunk. Tilman apparently wanted the medical school on campus and Tilman gets what Tilman wants

  • The meat and quality of any medical school is it’s clinical instructors, both the teaching attending and the house staff. Where these medical students will be training during their clinical rotations will be the determining factor in the quality of their education. The emphasis on primary care sounds good on paper but physicians should spend medical school in a much broader education and spend their residency training focusing on primary care.

  • The UH medical school (and the accompanying clinics, in phase 2) need to be near the underserved people its mission it is to serve (Baylor meets the same purpose through its affiliation with Ben Taub). Also, there is the collaboration with other health units on campus (Pharmacy, Optometry, e.g.) to consider, funded by Humana Integrated Health System Sciences Institute. The property at TMC will be developed for other health-related purposes, yet to be determined; ideas are still being kicked around.

  • UH made a bad choice. They should have put it in the TMC. UT Houston’s school adjoins memorial Hermann and you can walk out of the office, walk south through some secure doors and you are in the hospital. Works really well when you want your facility associated with a hospital. I guess the UH docs will have to drive all the way over to the med center if they are called.